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GymSets Essential Knife Sharpener

GymSets Essential Knife Sharpener

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Customer Reviews

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I purchased one of these after seeing adverts on social media. Compact, easy to use and sharpens with just a couple of swipes. Wished I had brought one sooner! Excellent addition to any kitchen.

Edward Richardson
Knife/Scissor Sharpener

Bought this did not think much of it due to price etc , thought it would basically be rubbish, but it does what it's supposed to do suching pad has good strong grip , ive done 8x different types of knives from small carving knives to roast knives all where blunt after about 20 to 30 minutes work , all now new blades which will certainly do the jobs they are needed for, 3x types of cuts on sharper , one for scissors, rest for different cuts you need on knives , but worth the buy , but this item must be put on work tops not wood for suction to work .

Sharpens my kitchen knives

It has a easy to use suction thing that sticks it to worktop and unsicks it with the simple movement of a lever. Run a blunt knife it the direction of an arrow on the products sharpening bit; and hey presto, you have a very sharp blade ,

James Vonk
Violently Effective

I don't often write reviews, but this thing calls for one.
I have used many knife sharpening tools in the past, but this is the first time with this carbide draw type. It's hands down the most effective sharpening implement I have ever used, to the point where I am genuinely concerned at how sharp the knives are now.

I took an old knackered three ish inch utility knife, cheap and nasty, and brought it back to ninja levels of sharpness in a matter of seconds. Attach the thing to your kitchen sink rather than a counter top because you will end up with swarf and tiny metal shards, best to just rinse those away as they will cut you happily.

Will Daniels
Sharpens Knives Really Well

This sharpens knives really well but don't push too hard or you will scratch the sides of your knives.

I am happy with this as my knives are now lovely and sharp but I if you look at the edges they are a bit uneven. This is probably user error where I have pushed too hard. I would practice with a knife that isn't expensive to get the hang of it.