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Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells

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We offer a 2-year warranty on our kettlebells. If you encounter any issues, we will promptly resolve them for you.


Our super-fast delivery ensures you will receive your order within one to two business days in most cases.


KettleBell Sizes:

2kg kettlebell: 15.5cm x 14.5cm, 2.9cm

4kg kettlebell: 16.5cm x 15.5cm, 2.9cm

6kg kettlebell: 18.5cm x 16.5cm, 3cm

8kg kettlebell: 20cm x 17.5cm, 3.3cm

10kg kettlebell: 21cm x 18.5cm, 3.4cm

12kg kettlebell: 22cm x 19cm, 3.4cm

14kg kettlebell: 2.5cm x 19.5cm, 3.4cm

16kg kettlebell: 23.5cm x 20cm, 3.5cm

18kg kettlebell: 24cm x 20cm, 3.5cm

20kg kettlebell: 25cm x 20cm, 3.6cm

24kg kettlebell: 26.5cm x 21cm, 3.7cm

28kg kettlebell: 28cm x 22cm, 3.7cm

Elevate your fitness journey with GymSets Cast Iron Kettlebells, designed to meet the demands of even the most rigorous workouts. Crafted from high-quality cast iron, these kettlebells are engineered to endure intense exercise sessions, ensuring durability and longevity. 

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - they offer a comfortable grip and smooth transitions between movements. The wider handles provide superior control compared to steel alternatives, while the balanced weight distribution enhances stability and precision during your workouts.

VERSATILE & COMPACT - Perfect for home gyms, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels, these kettlebells are versatile and compact, making them ideal for full-body workouts, kettlebell circuits, or adding a new level of intensity to your existing routines. Their user-friendly design includes a rust-resistant finish for extended performance and a flat base for stability during stationary exercises. Each kettlebell also has its weight clearly stamped on the front with colored handle bands for easy identification.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, GymSets Cast Iron Kettlebells are suitable for strength training and dynamic swinging exercises. Upgrade your home gym and achieve your fitness goals with these reliable and effective fitness tools. Experience the difference with kettlebell training and take your strength, endurance, and power to the next level. 

*Note: Colours may vary slightly from images.*

Buy And Save With Shipping

Buy And Save With Shipping

Boxes Shipped by the 30kg
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1 X 6KG 6KG 1 X 30KG BOX
1 X 4KG
1 X 6KG
1 X 8KG
1 X 10KG
28KG 1 X 30KG BOX
1 X 8KG
1 X 14KG
1 X 18KG
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60KG 2 X 30KG BOX

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Product Features

  • 2kg to 30kg

  • Buy in a set

  • Comfortable Grip

  • Soft Padding

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Cast Iron Kettlebells Swinging Set Weight Home Gym 2 4 8 10 16 20 kg


These kettlebells are versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises, including strength training, toning, and building muscle. They provide a challenging workout and allow you to target specific muscle groups with precision.

Cast Iron Kettlebells Swinging Set Weight Home Gym 2 4 8 10 16 20 kg Cast Iron Kettlebells Swinging Set Weight Home Gym 2 4 8 10 16 20 kg

Why Choose Us

Add our Kettlebells to your exercise routine and experience the convenience, comfort, and durability they offer. Elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with these high-quality kettlebells. Start your fitness journey and enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded workout.


Choose from 2kg all the way up to 30kg. Or buy in sets to deck out your home gym quickly.

What we Promise

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Quality Assured

  • Fast Delivery

  • You Will Love It

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Kevin M
Superb Quality

Got a full set. Really pleased with the quality. Arrived super quick

Craig B
Excellent quality

These kettle bells are great, nice design, fair price, i have one that's been outside for months - still looks good.

Edward K
Very Very Impressive

Worked in commercial gyms for years & this is by far the best kettlebell i’ve used. Can’t beat cast iron

Jane T
Ideal weight

Bought 16kg for my son he says it’s perfect and great quality was good value speedy delivery.

Calum H
Excellent piece of kit

Even distribution, appropriate size handle.