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GymSets Essential Basic UV Glasses

GymSets Essential Basic UV Glasses

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Product Contents:

  • 1x GymSets UV Glasses
  • 1x Storage Box
  • 1x Storage Case
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Lens Cloth
  • Elevate your screen time comfort with these stylish women's/men's eyewear frame blue light blocking glasses, designed to reduce eye strain and protect against harmful UV rays. Stay focused and comfortable with these anti-glare computer glasses featuring a women's eyewear frame, perfect for long hours in front of digital screens.
  • Enhance your visual clarity and reduce eye fatigue with these transparent blue-light glasses, featuring a chic women's eyewear frame for added style and functionality.
  • Protect your eyes from blue light and glare with these women's eyewear frame bluelight blocking glasses, designed for screen protection during work or leisure activities.
  • Upgrade your digital experience with these non-prescription anti-blue light glasses, featuring a sleek women's eyewear frame for a fashionable and protective solution against digital eye
  • Excellent TR90 Material - Ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wearing. Casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video games
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ben Fold
They're great

They're comfortable, good quality, and fit my face well. The frames are nice and light and they come in a nice case. I bought multiple pairs.

Rob H
Good value for the $

Definitely reduce various wavelengths of blue. Light weight and construction seems great. Look good and come with a good case. Also included a small blue flashlight and a photo sensitive card to test the effect of the glasses.

I spend the majority of my day in front of a screen, so hopefully eliminating some of the blue will lead to better sleep.

Jonah R
Highly recommended

Bought for wife who was suffering from headache from working on laptop and watching tv. Suggested she had some of these. Well made and has so far stopped her headaches. Would recommend.

Kodie G
Awesome service, awesome glasses

Every now and then you deal with a company/seller that makes you say - WOW, that's how it should be done.
GymSets is one of those.
Customer service is as good as it gets with much help and advice available if needed (sorry if I was a pain lol).
Glasses are light, comfortable, stylish and most importantly thay work.
I forget I'm wearing them after a few minutes, but my eyes sure notice the difference at the end of the night.
As stated in my headline - Awesome service, awesome glasses.

Jensen H

Good quality, very good for keeping out blue light, comfortable, stylish, buying another pair soon