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GymSets Essential Weighing Spoon

This is a customer favourite product and we have several messages everyday saying how this spoon not only makes cooking easier but also more enjoyable!

  • Precise 0.1g Accuracy

  • 500g Capacity

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast UK Delivery

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Our weighing spoon is perfect for weighing out small ingredients, especially powders and grains. All while making cooking more enjoyable!

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GymSets Essential Knife Sharpener

Our knife sharpener is the perfect addition to your kitchen, with 3 different blades to sharpen different kind of knives it allows you to keep all the tools in your kitchen sharp and effective.

Sharpen scissors, serrated knives and normal knives, all on one device!

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Air Fryer Liners

Air fryer liners are a must have item if you own an air fryer. Making clean up 0 and cooking enjoyment 100. They make your life easier and are made from an envionmentally friendly material.

Disposable Air Fryer Liners for Ninja Silicone Inserts, Paper Dual

Coming in 3 different shapes, our air fryer liners fit all shaped and sized air fryers, making them accessible for everyone!

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