Gain the edge in recovery, work flow, concetration and sleep. With our range of highly tested blue light glasses!

GymSets Blue Light Glasses

We have created the perfect blue light glasses, balancing style, comfort and utility. Where the glasses frame fits all face shapes, the yellow tone is not too strong, but strong enough to block high percentages of blue light and the frame of the glasses are catered to all diferent tastes!

  • Maximum Comfort

  • R&D Tested by our Team

  • Day & Night Compatible

  • 30day Return Policy

  • Lab Tested

  • Next Day Delivery

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GymSets Premium Blue Light Glasses

These are our most popluar blue light glasses. With a balance between style and performance, they really are the perfect blue light glasses at an affordable price!

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GymSets Extreme Blue Light Glasses

This is our premium blue light glasses, made with more luxurious materials and an improved UV protection coating!

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